MADE IN JAPAN – The Welcome Stranger Shell Jacket

The classic Shell Jacket reimagined.


In the recent year we have produced 4 styles with fabrics from a mill in Shizuoka, Japan – they specialize in high density textiles made with fine threads. Their textiles have a thread density 5-10% higher than that of conventional fabrics, and are woven with a slower shuttle to produce a fuller, more lush feel. The Shell Jacket is made with a high density medium weight cotton. It’s a re-interpreted version of the classic/sporty Shell Jacket that lends itself to the outdoor + athletic trends. What makes this Jacket interesting is the unusual choice of fabric. Normally these jackets are made of lightweight technical fabrics, so the use of such a crunchy, matte cotton textile makes it more of a actual Jacket than just a ‘Shell‘. It was kept simple by including only the necessary characteristics that make up a shell Jacket – Unlined, with elastic cuffs / matte front snaps, pocket zippers and an adjustable hood and hem. The fabric definitely elevates the Jacket to a more tailored/slim look.


Check it here.

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