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Measure twice, cut once – wise words to live by.  If you apply this same careful consideration in craft to all aspects of your daily life, then this is the collection for you; sir true craftsmanCollection


Product Evolution | The Nu Souvenir Jacket

nu souvenir jacket

The original Souvenir Jacket by Welcome Stranger was an attempt at the perfect piece of layering workwear.  Although proven successful, it was decided that we would take the garment one step further. The concept for the Nu Souvenir Jacket was built to spec from the ground up based on customer feedback.  We focused on the ‘guy’ who loved the original silhouette, but required a more dressed up version (we came to find it’s a really fine line).  Design-wise; the absence of the chest pockets creates a cleaner look, and switching out the button front for a zipper gives the garment a heavy/sturdier feel. Pairing the new sturdier feel with the already standard strong slim fit, and wrapping it in a fabric choice to compliment the California climate year round – created the perfect progression in layering workwear; The Nu Souvenir Jacket.

Get the firsthand scoop from our designer: “What I love about it most is that it doesn’t quite derive from Vintage utilitarian styles as much as the original, but still feels like it could fit right in in this day and age.  We took a pretty calculated approach inspired by both the original Souvenir Jacket + Military Jacket – then updated the Jacket to reflect a tailoring change that is both minimal / clean, with a casual basic flare”

nu souvenir jacket closenu souvenir jacket 3nu souvenir jacket 4

The 1971–1978 Dodge Tradesman | Work & Play

Work & Play as demonstrated by the transition of the infamous Dodge Tradesman

The Dodge Tradesman first entered production for the 1971 model year, and was originally marketed as the ultimate vehicle “for the man on the job”.  The Dodge tradesman was a stronger less-beefy option then most work vans available at the time.  It also featured a lower cargo floor leading to a lower center of gravity for improved handling, making it the perfect candidate for a unified appropriation from work to play.  The earlier models where marketed, sold, and used, by a variety of tradesman all of whom swore by it’s ability to “Take their business on wheels”.  Once the word got out about the lower center of gravity leading to improved handling, these vans became the target of much more than it’s intended use for simple day-to-day tradesman transport.  In the mid-to-late ’70s and early 1980’s, these vans became the pinnacle of the craftsman looking to build the ultimate show car during the custom van craze taking place in California, and throughout the US.  Dodge eventually caught on and began to create & market new factory customized starter packages labeled as “Adult Toys”.

Take a look at the entire evolution below
Dodge Tradesman

Strong Box

1977 Dodge Tradesman Vans-01

Dodge tradesman

Full on

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