Timeless Workwear Revival

1889 & 1901

Carhartt WIP + Chippewa boots | Timeless Workwear Brands Revived in 2016

Carhartt was founded in 1889 by Hamilton Carhartt a man focused on bringing responsibility & integrity back to the business world.  With a focus on doing “the just and honest thing, gainful if possible” Carhartt began producing workwear staples adopted by all varieties of the working man. Fast forward to 1994, where a distribution network for Carhartt was set up in Europe (Work In Progress Textilhandels, stemming to Carhartt WIP), specifically focused on re-introducing a selection of classic products from the original workwear collection, but revamped for the fashion forward european market.   Using the American company as a template, Carhartt WIP is centered around the original ethos of bringing a responsible product to market, revamping classic silhouettes into timeless fashion staples – season after season

If you were traveling to Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin in the year 1901, you’d probably stumble across a quant boot shop set up on the corner of River Street in industrial downtown sector.  By given name sake, you’d have found the origin of the Chippewa Boots brand; an uncompromising & Authentic boot provider, catering to adventurers and working folk a-like. Today, the tradition of supplying top-quality rugged boots and shoes for every purpose continues.  The brand was built to honor the guts and determination of the loggers and engineers who paved the way for American society, and maintains the mantra;”Chippewa is more than just a pair of boots – Every pair of Chippewa Boots is built with uncompromising quality and standard, to be the finest made, most reliable, authentic and rich in heritage luxuries






Timeless Workwear Revival Collection

Two of the oldest and most trusted names in workwear; Carhartt (1889) & Chippewa (1901), are known to revive elderly silhouettes into modern wardrobe staples, season after season.  This fall catch up with the ultimate Workwear Revival, by shopping the collection at Welcome Stranger.


6″ Utility Service Boot CHIPPEWA $300 | Acrylic Watch Hat CARHARTT WIP $25 | L/S Cram Shirt CARHARTT WIP $105 | Leather Belt BROTHERS LEATHER SUPPLY $90 | 8 oz Bison Pocket Tee WELCOME STRANGER $55 | Backley Cap CARHARTT WIP $45 | Michigan Chore Coat CARHARTT WIP $258 | New Standard Jean A.P.C. $195





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