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5 Tracks for Runway Delays

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Outfitted to Outsmart the Elements

Work wear inspired, traveler desired – a look mastered to outsmart the elements
Technical work wear, travel gear

[Look Features] 8oz Bison Tee | Stretch Chinos | Shelter Jacket | Derek Sneakers

Road Map: Work & Play in Palm Springs

Clients, Creatives, Coworkers – when duty calls, sometimes you have to quickly pack up your weekend bag and press go.  We all know that last minute work trips don’t have to be all business, but can be turned into much more of a personal exploration.  These micro travels are a great medium for meeting new people and inspiring the creative process. Recently I was required to hop a flight out to the desert oasis of Palm Springs, to assist with production of local event out there.  Between various meetings, phone calls, and location walkthroughs, I had some time to sneak away and do a bit of exploring.  Below is a written road map of how I navigated the work/play balance, packed for changing climates, & indulged in varying cultures of the desert.


[Pack Less, Explore More]

Staring at the minimal square inches still remaining in my carry-on weekend bag, I questioned what was the one piece I should not leave home without…  At first this proved to be a challenging equation, then I realized I was missing a piece perfect for layering up on the ride to the airport & acting as a standalone garment to withstand the corse elements of the desert.  The 8oz Bison Tee by Welcome Stranger, was chosen as the work wear inspired piece that would prove essential for this journey.

IMG_6825 copy455

Having some free time one crisp morning lead me to exploring the Palm Springs Ariel Tramway for some visual mid-trip stress relief.  Getting out of the work flow, and taking in the surrounding flat landscape from 1000’s of a feet above my laptop, was the perfect escape to refresh my creative process.  It does get a bit chilly at the top, but fear not; the Nu-Safari Jacket is just the layering essential you need to help transition from the desert heat to the mountaintop chills.


[Home Away From Home]

Originally I was recommended the Ace hotel as home base for a fun”Eat, Drink, Pool” weekend.  Although this did sound quite enticing, my aspirations were to actually escape the poolside cocktail menu, handling work efficiently enough to allow for exploring the sands of this quaint oasis.  So after dialing an eclectic Art director know for being well acquainted with the area, I was pointed in the direction of the Sparrows lodge.  This place seemed to be somewhat of an adult creative sleepaway camp, featuring inspiring design and good company throughout.

Sparrows lodge

[Seeing Sights, & Exploring the Culture ]

Palm Springs oozes with a culture all it’s own – from the Californian 70’s deco Architecture, to the seemingly endless appreciation of fine food & beverage.  The surrounding area plays home to a vast desert landscape, with sporadically placed art havens and historic landmarks.   I took to a rental car for the latter part of my last day in town with high hopes of immersing myself in as much of the desert culture as possible.  Starting in Palm Springs proper, I enjoyed a quick stop for breakfast at the Kings Highway Diner (in the Ace hotel) to load up on freshly prepared desert fare before embarking onward.  After having my fill of breakfast I decided to stroll the downtown region, and later journey outward to The Salton Sea & Salvation Mountain.




Salvation Mountain

Salvation MountainScreen Shot 2016-04-19 at 11.05.14 AM[Goodbye Palm Springs]

Work was handled, Fun was had, cheers to a great trip! IMG_5904

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