The 8 oz Bison Tee

[Product Spotlight] The Overdyed 8 oz Bison Tee


Inspired by the golden era of sturdy workwear – meshing the standard benefits of an 8oz heavyweight tee with a few modern tailoring elements, and a slimmer yet rigid shape, for the perfect California layering garment.  100% Made in the USA, treated with an individual garment dying process, and tailored for a slimmer fit – The OD 80z Bison Tee has got your back


Overdyed Bison Tee Collection

100% Made in the USA | Garment Dyed | 8oz Heavyweight Cotton

Bison Tee

OD BISON POCKET T-SHIRT (Asphalt) $55 | OD BISON POCKET T-SHIRT (Burlwood) $55 | OD BISON POCKET T-SHIRT (Blue Shadow) $55 | OD BISON POCKET T-SHIRT (Green Gables) $55

Color Story: South of Market By Janet Delaney

The bison tee was inspired by the golden era of sturdy workwear – A time when shirting was meant to withstand the sometimes strenuous happenings of daily life, while also composing a simple shape presentable for varying occasions.  For the newly released classic California overdyed Bison tee hues, we pulled inspiration from the hardened transformation of the “South of Market” district in San Francisco during the 70’s & 80’s.  Iconic Photographer; Janet Delany, beautifully captured the time period, and graced us with the following synopsis & visual inspiration;

“South of Market, 1978 to 1986 – These photographs were taken at the cusp of a Remarkable transformation.  Part of the South of Market District of San Francisco had been altered Structurally: 5000 residents and 700 businesses were displaced to make room for a new convention center.  An even larger part of the transformation of South of Market, would be restructuring of the use of existing space.  As light industry moved out, artists moved into the warehouses.  As Families with children migrated to the suburbs, the gay community moved into the wood framed apartments that lined Alleyways.  Urban Flight in the 1950s was in motion across the country.  In response to this exodus redevelopment projects became a common sign in abandoned and blighted inner city neighborhoods.”

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 4.02.08 PM







Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 4.11.10 PM

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