Staff Gift Guide: Campbell Wallace

Get to know: Campbell Wallace

Who is Campbell Wallace?

Campbell’s got quite the interesting story – as a kid he was adopted from Seoul, South Korea when he was only 4 months old, being relocated to where he was to grow up; sunny Encinitas, California.  You could call it the ‘Yin & Yang’ of places to transfer between as such a young kid, but a varied journey often provides the best perspective on creativity, and Campbell has really honed that in. Campbell has always been drawn to a faster pace of living, so he jumped at the opportunity to move to the city, attending FIDM right here in San Fransisco.  Campbell is a well known face in the Welcome Stranger crew, helping lend a hand wherever the team needs him, and always providing fresh creative outlook for the brand.  Summed up; the pace & lifestyle up here was his original calling, and now he’s thriving in his new environment.
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1. So, what’s your hometown like?

Encinitas, California is the place to be to grow up and settle. A laid back suburb beach town in North County San Diego that has killer weather, good looking people (mostly yogi’s), and super good Mexican food. Pretty localized place where you’ll see the same people out surfing, then mingling at the strip of bars and restaurants, in the same day. Just think consistent sunny weather, perfect beach spots, and Yoga studios on every corner along the 101.

2. What are some of your inspirations (fashion, music, life, etc…? )

My parents are huge inspirations to me with how I move forward in my life. Very hard working, on-the-go, adventurous people. Also, skateboarding has definitely shaped the way I am

3. When you are not working, what are you up to?

When I’m not working, I’m usually out exploring the city. Whether that’s trying new food spots or going to a music show. If I’m not sleeping away my off time, I try to skate around the city – usually my source of “working out”.

4. What’s in your everyday carry?

I always have my Filson bag with me from day to day with my camera and probably a scarf or extra sweater. I will forever get colder throughout the day, here in San Francisco. Oh, also I always carry my Hair pomade with me. I’m a bit of a snob with my hair. Just how it goes…

5. What kind of products are you buying for yourself? And why? (From Welcome Stranger)

I live in the Welcome Stranger Chinos… I love pairing our classic fitting in-house pieces with something a little more modern like a Reigning Champ sweater or Life After Denim button up. As far as accessories, I rock my studebaker cuff forever and always.

6. Any gifts ideas? And for whom? (From Welcome Stranger)

Hopefully they don’t see this yet, but so far I got my dad a Welcome Stranger Clean Seam button-up and my sister some Hasami homegoods (the stackable plate and bowl). Possibly thinking of getting the slingshots for my nephews.

Welcome Stranger SF

Staff Member Campbell Wallace’s Holiday Picks

Cambell Holiday gifts

Original Briefcase FILSON $265 | Twin Camp Blanket W/Carrier PENDLETON $139 | LS Plaid Clean Seam Shirt WELCOME STRANGER  $155 | Overdyed Chino (Black) WELCOME STRANGER $165 | Mesh Crewneck Top REIGNING CHAMP $88 | Overdyed Chino (Dark Olive) WELCOME STRANGER $165 | Best Slingshot No.2 HELLA SLINGSHOTS $28 | Large Mug Cup HASAMI $30 | Hair Pomade MALIN + GOETZ $22 | Heavyweight Cuff STUDEBAKER $118


Whiskey & Tunes

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