An Abridged History: Chinos

India, 1846: British Army uniforms must evolve to fit the conditions of modern warfare. The fits are too tight and the bright colors are turning soldiers into walking targets. To meet these challenges, military personnel develop a new paradigm of uniform design, inspired by the local wardrobe.   Call it “proto-camo”. Relaxed, tapered pants built… Continue reading

Caution: Men At Work

Carhartt Work In Progress (WIP) has landed at Welcome Stranger. Let’s take a moment to dive into the history of the brand. Carhartt was introduced to the world in 1889. The company got its start manufacturing super tough apparel to outfit the hard-working men in their hometown of Detroit. The Motor City’s manufacturing boom created… Continue reading

Have A Link On Us

Nope, that headline isn’t a typo. Our friends at Art In The Age have compiled a list of the best places to guzzle down their ridiculously delicious liquor in San Francisco. Here’s the link. See? If you aren’t familiar with Art In The Age, boy, you’ve been missing out. Don’t you worry though, we’ll be… Continue reading

Your Coffee Table Could Be Gnarlier

Surf Site Tin Type is an homage to a sport, a way of life, and a tribute to the people who practice it. For over a decade, Brooklyn-based photographer Joni Sternbach has travelled the world, creating tintype portraits of contemporary surfers.

Grand Opening

Pop champagne, our new & improved blog is here. Check in regularly for the stories behind our products, new arrivals in the shop, and all sorts of good things worth knowing. We hope you enjoy. Thanks for visiting, WS Team