Fair Weather Sunday


5 Tracks for Fair Weather Sundays

The perfect soundtrack for cruising through those Fair Weather Sundays

Brand Spotlight: ATF

Authentic Textile Fabrics (ATF) – a brand heavily rooted in the “less is more” mentality.  Providing garments that are effortlessly wearable, but at the same time suited for any & all situations you may encounter upon your ‘Fair Weather Sundays’

ATF x Welcom


The Fair Weather Sunday Collection

Untouchable wearability, seamlessly suited for your daily wardrobe.   Welcome Stranger & ATF combine to create a collection comprised of classically cool timeless staples, that can be easily placed into any wardrobe.  

Fair Weather Sunday Collection

L/S Plaid Clean Seam Shirt WELCOME STRANGER $155 | Mads Jacket ATF CLOTHING $220 | Howie Jacket ATF CLOTHING $210 | Jamal Tee ATF CLOTHING $67 | Henri Beanie ATF CLOTHING $45 | 32″ Steven Pants ATF CLOTHING $150 | Michigan Chore Coat CARHARTT WIP $258 | OD Bison Pocket T-Shirt WELCOME STRANGER $55 | Rick Chelsea Boot SATURDAYS NYC $295 | Yago Sweater ATF CLOTHING $90 | Coach Jacket WELCOME STRANGER $235

solé x ATF x Welcome


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