Eric Tabarly and His Trusty Opinel

Reliable. Helpful. Trustworthy. These are a few traits we treasure in our personal relationships. When these characteristics are embodied by a humble, inanimate object, you’ve truly got a product worth holding on to.

That is quite literally the case with Opinel knives. They’ve been held—and consistently tested—by some of the greatest artists, explorers, and tradesmen of our time. One of their most ardent supporters was French sailor, adventurer, and all-around-badass Éric Tabarly. His exploits are as vast as the oceans he traversed, but it’s his 1969 victory in a sailing race from our hometown of San Francisco to Tokyo that’s got us daydreaming of the sea.
Tabarly swore by Opinel knives and always kept several of them on his ship. The man embodied a spirit of bravery and general awesomeness so powerful even Brigitte Bardot couldn’t resist his allure and enlisted him as her sailing instructor.

Éric Tabarly’s adventurous life inspires us to get out there and forge lasting legacies of our own. Before you head out on your next expedition, zip on over to our shop for some supplies to prepare for whatever lies over the horizon.


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