Endless Summer

‘Endless Summer’ – A documentary by Bruce Brown in 1966, where two surfers -Michael Hynson and Robert August on an around-the-world surfing adventure. They travel from one coastline to the next, from Hawaii to Africa, Australia, Tahiti and a number of other places where most people had never ever seen a surfboard before.

Mike Hynson, one of the surfers from Endless Summer, later becomes involved with the Brotherhood of Eternal Love throughout the 60’s and 70’s.



Dubbed the ‘Hippie Mafia’, the Brotherhood began in the mid 1960’s as a small group of peace-loving, adventure-seeking surfers in Laguna Beach. After discovering LSD, they were fueled by the desire to change the world, which according to them seemed to be heading for violent chaos. They united on a utopian mission to save the planet through the consciousness – open peoples’ minds, and bring a sense of love and peace to the world. They ultimately wanted to ‘Turn on the world’.


There are so many elements to derive from this sub-culture: the general chemical-induced mellowness of the mid-sixties to the love and liberation being the core principles of living. The Summer vibe at Welcome Stranger is colorful clothing, minimal in layers, in addition to mystery and voyeurism… Check out our latest additions here.


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